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Breathe Freely

Get the Natural Wellness Benefits of a Day at the Beach Wherever You Are

Allergies. Asthma. Stress. Not to mention long-tail COVID. All will wreak havoc on your respiratory system. But there is a natural remedy, backed by research: DRY SALT INHALATION THERAPY.

Dry salt therapy is particularly successful in addressing common, yet, often, severe respiratory issues, including asthma, allergies, the common cold, bronchitis, sinusitis, ear infections and even COPD. Thanks to fine salt particles in the air, a day at the beach always feels invigorating. Inhaling natural salt provides untold respiratory benefits, while spending time in the salt air has the added bonus of treating minor skin issues, including acne, rashes and eczema. (Read: 9 Skin Conditions Improved by Dry Salt Therapy)


Any room becomes a salt inhalation sanctuary with this award-winning portable, battery-operated device - it's not just for saunas!

The Microsalt SaltProX’s invisible grinding technology generates a very fine salt aerosol, which spreads gently throughout a room or sauna.

Unlike conventional halotherapy units, the SaltProX is able to spread tiny salt particles throughout the entire respiratory system, from the nose, sinuses, and throat all the way to the extreme reaches of the lungs, having an expectorant, cleaning effect. The natural rock salt used in the SaltProX is the highest purity level available - 99% sodium chloride.




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