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Infrared Backrests Now Available for Complete Line of KLAFS Saunas

The InfraPLUS Backrest is now available as an option for any KLAFS custom sauna, creating a multifunctional sauna that delivers both the therapeutic benefits of targeted longwave infrared-C radiation therapy with the proven physical and mental benefits of traditional, high-heat sauna bathing.

“Our on-going mission is to offer clients as much flexibility as possible while staying true to our traditional sauna roots. Being able to transform a KLAFS sauna into an infrared treatment room is just another way KLAFS contributes to the overall wellbeing of everyone in a household,” said Matthew Williamson, COO, KLAFS USA.

Infrared vs Traditional Sauna Therapy

Infrared heat, which is generated by heat lamps versus a sauna stove or heater, is a completely different treatment/experience than the full-body heat that a traditional sauna generates. True Finnish-style saunas are hot and dry, at least 176°F, and have a dedicated heater or stove housing a basket of hot rocks that water is ladled onto, helping to create a steamy environment and making the sauna feel even warmer. This is traditionally done by hand but can also be automated and include scents for an aromatherapeutic experience. This, of course, is the sauna atmosphere most are familiar with: the heated rocks hiss and crackle as water hits them, emitting bursts of humidity and aroma. This sweat-inducing, low-humidity heat targets your entire body and is perfect for thermotherapy (hot/cold contrast therapy), a popular way to build resilience and help the body recover. Regular sauna bathing sessions are proven to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, boost mental health and aid in chronic respiratory conditions, among other wellness benefits[1].

On the other hand, the ambient temperature in a sauna with an infrared treatment in progress will be at a much lower heat, typically ranging from 98° to 120°F, generated by often unsightly IR panels that mount to the walls. The lower heat allows users to remain comfortable for the 30-40 minutes required to get the most out of the longwave, infrared-C radiation, invisible waves of energy that penetrate heat deep into the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and bones to ease and relieve pains and strains.

The unique infrared heat technology in KLAFS InfraPLUS Backrests operate at 107°F and will automatically adjust in intensity to maintain optimal user comfort while the heat penetrates deep into the skin’s surface and into the muscles. The InfraPLUS is designed to target the back, shoulder and neck - areas that typically hold pain and tension. It’s also extremely effective for treating abdominal cramping. When the sauna is operating in traditional, high-heat mode (typically 176° to 212°F), the adjustable seatbacks provide additional, ergonomic comfort.

InfraPLUS is a great compliment to KLAFS’ popular, multifunctional Sanarium technology, a patented system that delivers five different climate zones and humidity levels in a single sauna: transforming a classic Finnish sauna into a tropical, soft steam sauna, aromatherapy experience or warm air sauna.

“We understand that sauna heat/humidity preferences can vary from one person to the next and are committed to giving customers as much flexibility as possible, letting each user choose the type of experience they want on any given day: hot and dry or warm and humid,” said Williamson. “With InfraPLUS, we’re offering clients the opportunity to add infrared heat therapy to their KLAFS saunas. This, along with the flexibility of Sanarium technology, creates a truly multifunctional at-home sauna experience.

InfraPLUS Backrest Unique Features

  • SensoCare heat technology is motion activated and measures the skin’s temperature, automatically adjusting intensity to deliver a gentle, relaxing experience.

  • Longwave, infrared-C radiation is targeted specifically to the low back, neck and shoulders.

  • Backrests are available in three types of wood (obeche, hemlock and walnut) to match any KLAFS sauna and are adjustable for comfort.

Wellness at Home

KLAFS USA is committed to delivering the truest benefits of hydrothermal bathing to customers. This means providing all the components required to build a complete, holistic wellness suite at home, one that supports the evidence-based practice of hot/cold contrast therapy and encourages pure relaxation and stress relief.

KLAFS USA offers a wide range of sauna and steam room styles to suit all tastes and wellness needs. Expert craftsmen in KLAFS’ Germany-based factory create custom solutions that will fit even the most difficult spaces and are then custom finished with interior and exterior materials that match any home’s unique look and feel. KLAFS sauna heaters top off the world-class experience—innovations include the first-ever under-bench sauna heater (Bonatherm) which is a space saver and minimizes the opportunity for accidental burns.



KLAFS USA is a collaboration between German-based KLAFS GmbH & Co. KG, the market leader for saunas, steam rooms and thermal room accessories, and Design for Leisure USA, specialists in the creation of award-winning hydrothermal spa and wellness environments for both residential and commercial clients. The collaboration was formed with the mission to provide the highest quality system-built hydrothermal solutions to North American wellness seekers. To learn more about ready-made and customized sauna solutions by KLAFS and available exclusively from Design for Leisure, visit



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