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Make a KLAFS Sauna Your Destination!

Discover KLAFS' best-in-class saunas at 5-star spa resorts throughout North America.

The Standard Spa in Miami Beach, Florida. In 2022, the Spa at The Standard, Miami Beach, underwent a major renovation, updating its sauna and adding a cold room. The sauna, created by sauna experts KLAFS, features a picturesque eye-shaped window, providing views of Biscayne Bay. The addition of the new cold room means that guests will be able to indulge in hot/cold contrast therapy more readily. (If you like the look/feel of The Standard's sauna, a customized KLAFS PREMIUM Sauna might be right for you!.)

CIVANA Resort Spa & Sanctuary in Carefree, Arizona. This property went through a $50 million renovation, including the addition of a 20,000-square-foot spa. The spa recaptures the time-honored art of European bathing, including a circuit of hot and cold pools and a multi-climate KLAFS SANARIUM®—the first installed in the continental US—offering climate flexibility.

Awana Spa & Wellness at Resorts World in Las Vegas, NV. A special "Event Sauna" developed by KLAFS, including unique curved benches, graces Awana and features a social wellness experience for up to forty guests: The theatrical art of Sauna Aufguss.

Faena Hotel, Miami Beach. The Faena Group did a complete renovation of the fabled Saxony Hotel in late 2015, including the installation of a South America-inspired spa. Tapping into a trend for more communal spaces, the hydrothermal journey is completely co-ed and designed to cultivate transformative healing by combining indigenous ingredients and state-of-the-art purifying wet spa areas, including a waterfall shower, a traditional Turkish-style hammam, a cleansing eucalyptus steam room, a hydrotherapy room for mud and scrub treatments, a KLAFS sauna featuring beautifully-curved, handcrafted benches and walls made from Canadian Hemlock, an ice parlor for cooling and a tepidarium for final relaxation.

The Spa at Villa La Coste in Provence, France. This beautifully-designed spa is inspired by the naturalistic principles of Hong Kong-based interior designer André Fu who sought to blend the spa with its environment by using a natural waterproof plaster (tadelakt), white crystaline marble and wood that seamlessly flows with its surroundings. The spa’s hydrothermal facilities include a KLAFS CASENA Sauna, two hammams, two dry floatation rooms, a vichy shower room and relaxation lounge.


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