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As Seen in LUXE Interiors (Los Angeles)

KLAFS USA in the Los Angeles edition of LUXE Interiors.

“Every KLAFS sauna is made to order to fit seamlessly with a home’s unique style and decor.”

Luxuries that were once reserved for trips to the spa are making their way into homes everywhere. Bolstering the movement is KLAFS, a global leader in premium sauna design and manufacturing. KLAFS’ saunas and spa suites are made to order and invite homeowners to reap the wellness benefits of sauna bathing—including relief from aches and pains, better skin, increased blood circulation, improved cardio health and even better sleep—in the comfort of their own home. “As wellness permeates every aspect of our lives, luxury homeowners are increasingly seeking the highest quality in-home spa and wellness features available,” says KLAFS USA COO Matthew Williamson. “What makes KLAFS saunas so sought-after and unique is our high degree of customization and unparalleled level of craftsmanship.” KLAFS makes it possible to recreate a state-of-the-art, five-star experience in the privacy of your home.


The KLAFS team wants to help people transform their homes into personal wellness sanctuaries that both relax and invigorate mind and body. The benefits of sauna bathing and repeated cycles of hot/cold contrast therapy are many, including decreased muscle soreness, increased blood flow and improved immune system response. The bottom line: It not only feels good, it does good.


Expert craftspeople in Germany build every KLAFS sauna in a batch of one, meaning no two are ever the same. This hands-on manufacturing ensures meticulous quality control during each stage of production. After each customized sauna is handcrafted in Germany, KLAFS handles all the details for its safe arrival to its project site. Factory-trained technicians are deployed to work with contractors on installation.


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